Officials gathered on 12 June for the opening ceremony of the consultative meeting of the African World Heritage Experts in Angola attended by more than sixty (60) participants. The ceremony was led by the Minister of Culture in Angola, Hon. Caroline Cerqueira and included attendance by the Minister of Tourism and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Angola. The Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Deputy Governor of Mbaza Kongo Heritage Site in Angola were also present. Natural and cultural experts from other African countries as follows: Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, South Africa as well as representation from AWHF shared their input in the discussions.

The objective of the meeting was to address issues on the 41st World Heritage Committee Agenda, particularly those affecting the implementation of the World Heritage Convention on the African continent. The participants analysed the discussion documents to develop common statements for the Region. The results of the meeting showed the interest in Africa for this consultation among World Heritage Experts towards an improved implementation of the Convention. Among other issues discussed were the submission of the proposal by Angola for the inscription on Mbaza Kongo Heritage Site which will be highlighted at the 41st World Heritage Committee Meeting in Krakow, Poland.

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