Nominating a site

The process of a country nominating a site from the National Tentative List to the UNESCO World Heritage List is complex and time consuming.  It also requires a high level of knowledge and experience. That is why the AWHF, in collaboration with World Heritage institutions and African State Parties, initiated a Nomination training course for African State Parties in 2009. The course focuses on the development of nomination files (dossiers and management plans) for consideration by the World Heritage Committee.

This course was developed in response to the fact that in spite of its very rich heritage, the Africa Region has continued to have the least number of sites (9%) on the prestigious World Heritage List. Although there is much tangible and intangible heritage to be added, the actual process of getting a site on via the Tentative list to the actual World Heritage list is a challenge on its own.

The main objective of the training course is to build competence and capacity among African heritage practitioners in the development of nomination files. The mission is to create the necessary knowhow as required by the World Heritage Committee when considering properties for inscription on the World Heritage List. Via the nomination workshops, Heritage professionals who are well experienced in the nomination process guide and coach the participants through the many steps of writing the nomination. Because of these workshops, several sites already have been successfully inscribed on the UNESCO list.



Upcoming Nomination training

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