Risk Management

Risk Preparedness and World Heritage Properties in Africa

The proposed project, Risk Preparedness and World Heritage Properties in Africa, is a programme where the key gaps and effectiveness of the current management planning processes of the systems put in place, will be addressed for the benefit of both the heritage and development.

It is designed for those with the responsibility of managing cultural and natural World Heritage Properties in Africa, policy makers, the public, including other stakeholders that deal with developments within and outside the boundaries of World Heritage properties. It is also designed for civic stakeholders involved in the implementation of RP plans in areas where the sites are situated. Primary beneficiaries are the (i) State Parties, Institutions, National Management agencies, managers and others responsible for the cultural and natural World Heritage Properties in Africa, (ii) Development Sector with operations within and around cultural and natural World Heritage Properties in Africa, (iii) local/regional Non-Governmental Organisations, civic organizations, (iv) and local communities. The project is expected to benefit from the experience of the development sector in handling risks and threats from a socio-economic and political context, while the heritage sector will provide technical support and framework for aligning Risk Preparedness to the needs of conservation. Also the heritage sector will assist the development sector to understand the conservation framework and expectations for World Heritage properties. This is in tandem with the efforts of ICMM on Protected Areas and the extractive industries, which encourage all to respect the ‘No-go’ area position on World Heritage properties and further adopt No Net Loss (NNL) or positive contribution to bio-diversity conservation.

Purpose of the Project

The proposed project is aimed at

  • promoting the development of risk preparedness plans as part of the new nominations;
  • address the issues of risks and threats, including development related pressures at sites already inscribed;
  • developing a dialogue and awareness on the importance of heritage within the Development Sector of Africa.


Expected Outcome

At the end of the five-year programme, it is expected that the application of Risk Preparedness at World Heritage properties in Africa will have gained momentum, including building the much need technical capacity in this area and collaboration with the Development Sector. It is expected to improve the management effectiveness of World Heritage properties in Africa from the time of nomination to the daily management in order to maintain the Outstanding Universal Value through:

  • identifying, assessing, mitigating and monitoring underlying risks and threats at current and potential World Heritage properties;
  • strengthening Risk Preparedness and response at World Heritage properties through enhanced methodology and tools, including the Heritage Impact Assessments aimed at identifying the direct/indirect impacts on the Outstanding Universal Values;
  • strengthening support within relevant global, regional, national and local institutions in Risk Preparedness at World Heritage properties;
  • awareness-raising and capacity-building for managing risks and threats to World Heritage properties by both the State Parties and the Development Sector.