Tentative Listing

Tentative List

All countries who want to nominate a site to the World Heritage List must first have a Tentative List. This is a list of national heritage sites (cultural or natural) that may meet the UNESCO criteria of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) and become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Developing and updating the national tentative list is a key step in the process towards having a site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The African World Heritage Fund encourages African State Parties to develop and update their Tentative Lists (TL). To achieve this, we organise Regional Harmonization of Tentative List training workshops. The very first workshop was held in Sao Tome in March 2009. Eight French and Portuguese speaking countries attended the workshop to work on their lists. The second workshop took place in Nigeria in May 2009. Six English-speaking countries in West Africa attended the workshop. Another workshop was held in Egypt in March 2010 for the Arab speaking countries of North Africa. The idea behind these workshops is that the participating states parties come up with an inventory of sites which the World Heritage Committee can consider for nomination in the near future.

Upcoming Tentative Listing Training

There are no upcoming trainings at the moment.

For more information about the programme and how to participate, send us an e-mail on: info@awhf.net / Jacaobn@awhf.net.